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Say Hello To The Future

Hello Ai,
Technology Education Made Easy

Say Hello To The Future

Welcome to the World of
Practical Education

Say Hello To The Future

Coding, Money Management and Entrepreneurship
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About Hello Ai.

Hello Ai is a technology education ecosystem for 1-9 classes featuring textbooks, NEP aligned curriculum, software support and activities. This program is designed to integrate technology education to the conventional school curriculum to provide the updated learning experience.

1-9 Series of Textbooks
Edapt App Support
Practical Workshops

What Do We Offer.

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Through an ecosystem comprising textbooks, activities, software support students will be able to learn technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and more.

Hello Ai will provide a NEP 2020 & CBSE aligned technology education curriculum along with the training for the teaching staff. Additionally, to support lower primary schools, an Ai Lab will be made available free of cost as an integral aspect of Hello Ai program.

Hello Ai Robotics
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Web Designing
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Financial Literacy
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Why Hello Ai.

Hello Ai will equip your schools a NEP & CBSE aligned technology education curriculum along with teachers training and Ai Lab support for lower primary schools.

Topics We Cover

The Hello Ai curriculum is focused on providing the right education and skills essential to build a sound future for a student.
We cover:

Hello Ai Textbooks

Hello Ai: Know

The essential Tech & Money Management guide for grade 5 students. This book serves as an indispensable tool for any student looking to understand the technological landscape of the 21st century and beyond.

Hello Ai: Inspire

An advanced Tech & Money Management guide for grade 6 students. This book broadens your understanding of technology, and enhances financial acumen.

Get A Free Ai Lab Installed In Your School

Get a free Ai Lab for grade 1-4 students installed in your school free of cost by joining Hello Ai program today.

Benefits For Students

Acquiring education on the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics etc. will give the chance to get updated education at an early age.

The specialised Hello Ai curriculum will help students to achieve skills through practice.

Getting an early exposure to technology and STEM education will help students to develop creativity and imagination.

Students will be able to practise technologies like robotics, internet of things, virtual reality and more through workshops.

Benefits For Your School

Edapt will implement Ai lab in lower primary schools as a part of Hello Ai program free of cost.

Edapt will provide complete in house training for teachers based on the Hello Ai curriculum.

We provide a technology curriculum for 1-9 classes including core topics mentioned in the NEP 2020 and CBSE.

Supporting materials for teachers will be provided through Edapt LMS to ease the teaching process.

Stand out from other schools introducing our Hello Ai textbooks for 1-9 grades.
9 Levels Of Learning
Workbook For 1-4 Classes
Age-Appropriate Syllabus
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