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Why EDAPT Exists

Imagine a future during which robotics and AI will allow any folks , of all ages to simply and quickly find answers, create products or accomplish tasks, all just by expressing our desires.

In this future, what attributes are going to be most crucial for kids so as to become successful in their adult lives?

According to multiple surveys conducted by Edapt, the present educational system was designed within the industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective. We at Edapt have come up with a variety of solutions with the potential to elevate the education standards of a whole generation.

EDAPT Focus On

The future is going to bring problems we’ve never seen before, in a world we’ve never experienced. so as to unravel these problems, students got to have the mental flexibility to think outside the box, see the large picture and rearrange things to seek out an answer. At Edapt we are focused on these issues and dealing on tackling these challenges through informational empowerment.

How EDAPT Works?

Edapt runs on a phygital model. This unique physical + digital learning model mixes the best of both worlds. The mobile app is supposed to be used as a supplement to its physical sessions with features like video content, readables, progress tracking, quizzes,tests and teaching tools.

Classroom Sessions

A batch of well trained educators will provide sessions in institutions. Digital content, supplementing these sessions would be provided by the appliance . Physical model peaks interest and keeps up the engagement over the future . This model integrates seamlessly with existing models of education.

Digital Platform

Edapt is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing learning communities in the world. The app is out there for download on android and iOS platforms.

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