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The Edapt app is your doorway to a world of transformative education. Designed to revolutionise learning, our mobile platform offers a wide range of courses empowering learners of all ages. Embrace the power of education and unlock your full potential with Edapt.

Flexible Learning

Adapt your education to fit your lifestyle, enabling seamless learning anytime, anywhere.

Earn Nano Diploma

Unlock specialised expertise with our Nano Diploma series, designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills in focused areas of study.

Master ChatGPT And Generative Ai

Practise Ai skills with 20+ generative Ai tools

Learn Coding Through WhatsApp

Learn to code through WhatsApp and create your own apps, no matter your age

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People Love Learning And
Updating With Edapt

The bite-sized short courses you offer are true mind-expanding and helped me prepare for the extraordinary changes ahead.

Diya John, Degree Graduate

Through Edapt's ecosystem, I just learned what the future holds not just for technology but also for humanity. Thanks for giving me a better understanding of what the future holds.

Dhana Saeed, CEO, ExpoTech

Awesome app. Excellent structure and relevant course content, interactive quiz sessions after each module.Informative and eye-catching videos with a summary at the end. Great app to enhance the learning experience in a different way. Love it.

Swarali Deshpande

This is the best app I could suggest for learning. The concepts are made too simple but you will be caught during final test. Which will have entirely different pattern apart module quiz. Thank you edapt for making this lockdown period fruitful.

Shrinivas Sivaramakrishna

Excellent structure, and an abundance of course from reputable and prestigious resources!! I love it as an individual who is constantly seeking to expand knowledge base of different courses like blockchain, libra,intelligent homes, genome editing etc all at one place.

Farhana C.H

This app is supeb. It's more futuristic in terms of curriculum aspect. Easy to use and at no charges. But I would suggest, courses in management, Politics and Law be included. This way, it will be multidisciplinary.

Emordi Promise Jude

This application is too much, Has got the courses which is inevitable for the future world, related budding careers and the all latest news related them.. I just loved it very much.

Jusmitha Juamitha

Started using edapt learning app. It is very useful. I have been going through courses they are very easy to learn also.


Edapt learning app is a great platform to get familiar with the upcoming skills we need. The videos included are well organized to grasp easily.

Farhana Sherin

Had a awesome experience with this app ... My friend suggested this app for me during the lockdown period and it already has become part of my daily life..New things to learn daily and i suggest everyone to try thisss .... u will luv this app...

Rahul Thankachan

wonderful app to be updated in your interest areas. Certification needs some creativity and competitive skills which ensures the deliverence to the best.

Dhanya P Vasu

How someone can explain such a vast topic so easily, a big salute to the content creators. I earned many certificates within a shorter span, thank you edapt.

Jameela Abdul Majeed P

I am an engineering student who admired to learn more of robotics and ai. I am grateful to edapt for providing your courses on free. Looking forward to upcoming courses.

Sinan Synapse

Thank you very much for the idea, a platform that helps a lot of students, proffessioners and educators. learn a lot of new things from this platform

Ahammad Kabeer

Amazing app 👌 learner's will really fall in love with edapt soon. don't pay money and waste ...in other edtech platform finish up important knowledge IT technology Science and Agriculture in edapt . use free content app like this gain more knowledge

Chaithra L M

The edapt app is the complete and most essentially needed guru to cultivate an inbuilt talent to understand the kind of future whch we have already headed into.. Well done

Amruth J Bhim

Recently, I have just completed a six month app development course offered by Edapt. Their dedication, updated syllabus, mentor interaction and the office culture are what set them apart from other platforms.😍

Hiba Fathima

Programs designed by Edapt are purely based on the future needs. It just makes me wonder about the team and their mission to educate the public about the fourth industrial revolution and the opportunities it brings.

Hajeeb Sakkaf
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