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Pandemic is Bringing Biometric Identification One Step Closer

The Pandemic is Bringing Biometric Identification One Step Closer. For businesses, operating in a cashless society has many benefits, the most obvious being the electronic audit trail that all non-cash transactions leave. This means that any unscrupulous or illegal transactions can usually be traced back

All Seeing Eye of Modern Horus

You may have heard about the all seeing eye of ancient Egyptian deity Horus. They believe Horus always have an eye on everyone, taking surveillance on all. Now, when we hear this term surveillance, the first thing that comes to our mind will definitely be

Look out mate; Terminator is coming

Imagine if your colleague wasn’t a human, but instead a robot. How could that be? Could you live with that, a colleague who cannot talk to you, who did not share meals with you? Perhaps it is not that difficult to picture as integrating Artificial


People consume information differently now to how it was consumed say 20 years ago. Information is made available at the tap of a button and is served within seconds (or less). In fact, Google released a study that concluded that 80% of people will leave

The Impact of 3D Printing on Construction Jobs

We have already seen intense debates concerning what the outcome of a 3D Printing economy may be. Traditionally technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed. When computers began to emerge on the scene in the 1970’s, talks of job losses were nearly as