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5 Ways To Stay Sane at WFH

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A year back, a middle aged man glued to his laptop in the middle of the living room was quite a rare sight. But since Corona hit the international papers, ‘work from home’ has become a culture among the white collar workers. Ironically, the so-called white collar (formal/executive dress code) doesn’t exist anymore. There have been numerous discussions and debates on how this drastic change would affect the corporate world. And among these investigations, the ones that rose to sudden popularity are the ones on mental health and psychological wellbeing. As fortunate and promising as it sounds, the problem with popularity and demand for information these days is the sheer volume of content that is put into the world wide web whether authentic or misleading. Here, this article tries to help you guide through the info-jungle and provide you with easy and practical ways to maintain your mental health during your office hours at home.
‘Work from home’ is hardly a new concept. It has been there since the arrival

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